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Cygnus Computer Systems provides cost effective solutions
in all aspects of computing in small to medium sized businesses.
These solutions range from supply of consumables to development
of bespoke software solutions and everything inbetween.
As many people will know OUR crusade to frustrate
the "Rip off - Me Me Me" culture continues.....






    Cygnus Computer Systems 
    9-11, Slipshatch Road,
    RH2 8HA.

    el:  01737 222685  
    E-Mail:  admin@cyg.co.uk
The following organisations have demonstrated a contempt and or Sharp Practices...
Southern Electric
- Unbelievable Contempt for the customers - see their page.
British Gas
- Frighten OAP's and Single Parents into expensive contracts
- Provide overpriced quotes for unnecessary work then add cost of isolator that is not required by the customer, but would be useful to the energy provider, whilst pretending to be acting in the customers best interest. I will create a page for them when I have time
Nat West Bank
- Have inadequate IT in their Business Mastercard Department.
- We buy from Trade Account only Distributors but because we buy computer product "their system" thinks the card is being used fradulently and rejects payment. Once in a while may be ok - but every other transaction with Northamber PLC is rejected.
- NO customer support for Business Card users at weekends.
- They did not cancel old card when they issued new card - 3mths later Old Card details used fraduletly - Their Solution REMOVE CREDIT LIMIT ON NEW CARD making it unusable. Customer support said "system fault" but never said "SORRY FOR YOUR INCONVENIENCE". They promised to let me know exactly what happened - no news yet!!! Currently moving to another bank - will leave small balance so that I receive weekly statements by post.
Will be adding more when I have time